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ARCA GUALERZI: a story inspired by the flavour of Parma

In Langhirano, famous for its prosciutto and cured meats, Gualerzi has been producer since 1924 of typical deli meat of Parma’s gastronomic culture. Our products,  Parma ham, Felino Salami, Coppa Parma, Pancetta, Fiocco and Culatello are prepared associating home-made tradition with the most advanced food-processing technology.

The processing of our products in accordance with well-structure quality methods requires the use of standardized working procedures, staff training on hygiene rules to be followed and on good production practice, with each stage of production chain documented.

In addition to a space devoted to the products processing and maturing, Gualerzi company is equipped with a slicing department allowing quality monitoring from production till packaging.

Our excellences


To help ensure consistent quality, our technological and production staff members are engaged on a daily basis in the following controls:


Meeting the needs and expectations of the customers and the market through the achievement and preservation of a leading reputation of product quality.


Compliance with the most stringent industry regulations.


Maintenance of hygiene and safety of the finished product through the checks at each stage of processing for each product and packaging materials (from receiving to shipping.


Prevention of the potential hazards related to food safety of products, work environment, the environment surrounding the Company and the safety of employees and visitors.


Maintenance and efficiency of production processes according to the product standards.


Compliance with contract law and the laws in force concerning HACCP and food safety for the consumer.


Inform and involve the suppliers so that there is understanding of intent and reduced risk.


To consider human resources as fundamental and develop appropriate training programs that enable the growth of personal and the company.


Compliance with ethical and safety for workers.


To regulate our production as requested by the customer / consumer belonging to special categories (consumers with celiac disease, allergic consumers) as well as processing of non-GM products.

Our certifications are available upon request

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