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The best quality of cured meats in takeaway

Gualerzi has an internal department, specific for sliced products and inspired by the highest food technologies. It guarantees a continuous and high quality standard of the production  from the selection of Italian raw materials to the curing and finally the slicing. The whole range of sliced products is offered with a wide choice of formats and customized packaging.

Salumi dell’Arca, bontà da salvagustare.


The Classic line is the most flexible line which combines quality of the product and cost efficiency of the packaging. This self-service line offers different choices in the weight, the possibility of waved slices, and various customization.


The Oval line combines the quality of the sliced products with a nice packaging, designed for a more home-style presentation at the counter, providing also different customization options and the possibility of arranging the product with “wavy slices”.


The Slim line offers a practical single-dose packaging with an ideal weight facilitating the consumer to buy the product. The slim format, space-saving,  gives also a wide possibility  of presentation in the stores.


Our line in fixed-weight packaging using less plastic materiale represents a perfect combination of tradition, quality of materials and versatile packaging of flat or waved slices which reduces environmental impact.

The trays have been designed with a weight suitable for refrigerated display cabinets.


The Top quality line uses the best technological methods in order to maintain the flavor and the nutritional value of the product. After selection, the product is cut in waved slices at low speed, with a higher temperature, and put manually into a large tray.

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